Spruce Up your Spaces with the Timeless Appeal of an Exquisite Vase

Emma Goldman once said, “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck”.  While this radical thought may come across as a bit far-fetched to many, it is a fact that flowers do have a magical effect on our inner core. They soothe our eyes and uplift our spirits with their vivid colours and aromatic scents and also do a world of good to our health by improving the quality of the surrounding air. So, what is that one thing that comes to your mind right away when you envisage an exotic flower or a rare plant sprucing up a humble corner of your private abode? It is the eye-catching container or the flower vase! A pretty accompaniment to the natural beauties, a vase is an integral and an irrefutable facet of tasteful and aesthetic home and office interiors. Available in a variety of shapes, materials, colours and textures, the sophisticated vase is one of the most elegant, compact and fascinating objects of art that gives you plenty of opportunities to mix and match till such time you find the best fit that blends with your themed spaces effortlessly. Internationally styled flower vases with flowers can instantly transform the look of any uninspiring nook and corner at a fraction of the cost of an ornate piece of bulky furniture or a space consuming designer masterpiece.


If you have been contemplating a refurbishment of your private or commercial space with quick and simple makeover ideas, then we suggest that you consider a trendy flower vase to accentuate your den in a modish manner. With plenty of options to buy vases online, you can now do all the selection and ordering from the comfort of your home and your dream designer vase, wooden vase or metal vase will be delivered to you right at your doorstep! Think you could do with some vase decoration ideas to kick-start your artistic rendezvous? Here is a quick guide to help you discern a vase that best suits your personal style and your distinct interior design theme.


Rely upon Monotone or Neutral Vases to magnify the charm of alluring flowers

Flower-Vase-brown-ideas-h2hshopIf you are passionate about nature in all its glorious forms and simply cannot get over your love for the roses, tulips, orchids and daffodils, then look no further than neutral glass vases or monotone ceramic vases that humbly underplay themselves to highlight the splendor of their multicolored occupants. Ceramic vases in solid colours such as pristine white, dark black, vibrant orange or pale green look unbelievably chic and classy and aptly complement the kaleidoscope of colours resting within them. You can also go for unusual and striking ceramic vase designs that tilt slightly at the top to gracefully accommodate the drooping flower heads with slender stalks. Decorative glass flower vases in solo colours or neutral shades also look great when you up their glam with a brightly patterned flower in a contrasting hue. Envision a gorgeous yellow sunflower neatly perched in a bottle green coloured glass vase and staring at you coyly or a tall crystal flower vase majestically holding an elaborate arrangement of long-stemmed white Calla Lily and adding subtle grace and height to the low centre table at home or the tiny cubicle at work…outright stunning!


Make an individualistic statement with Designer Vases

Who said vases have to be all about pretty flowers or cylindrical, square or oval shapes? If the nonconformist in you wants to experiment beyond the cliché flower vase designs and patterns that have been tried and tested since eternity, then explore designer vases for your home and office corners. There are umpteen designer vases in androgynous shapes and eclectic geometric patterns that are quite a rage with the contemporary urban households and modern office buildings. Choose your preferred designer flower vase online in a shape and style that reflects your quirky personality. If you desire an earthen look and feel for your private space, then zero in on an unconventional stump vase – a uniquely handcrafted ceramic vase that resembles a tree stump. This one is a style statement in itself and needs no accoutrements of flowers, candles and the likes to augment its appeal. Metals are truly in…Yes they are! Look all around you and you will find metallic embellishments galore! It’s only befitting that we also welcome the stately metals into our homes and workplaces in the form of a silver moon shaped metal vase or a tall and steeled silvery metal vase. Both are novel flower vase designs that ooze high-class glamour in ample doses and stand out no matter where you place them. Add a shimmering big vase in golden, silver or copper to one corner of your office reception area or make a shiny mid-sized veined moon shaped metal flower vase the focal point of your living room or bedroom.

Embrace nature for decorating your interiorsFlower-Vase-white-ideas-h2hshop

When you think of enhancing your home or office interiors, do consider making use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials like wood to add character and individuality to your spaces in a nature-friendly and harmonious manner. There are many options to choose from with teakwood vases riding high on the popularity chart of the minimalists and aficionados of timeless artifacts. Try out interesting wooden vases for emphasizing your showcases or wall cabinets. You can make a pertinent start by settling for the clean lines and the bold design of a skewed wooden flower vase or a ‘no-frills’ paneled teak vase – both are handcrafted and creatively designed in polished teakwood and go well with almost any backdrop. Whether you rest them on a table, on a console or in a corner of your work desk – they will be the piece de resistance of every grand setting. Multipurpose egg shaped dual teakwood vases are equally amazing options when you are searching for a novel 2-in-1 piece that can be used as a set or individually. These uncommonly designed wooden decorative vases are truly inventive and are bound to steal enviable glances when you position them strategically outside your door or hang them from the ceilings to make a dramatic and an arty statement in your living room or office boardroom.  Nothing short of a regal affair, we say!


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