How To Use Vastu And Feng Shui In Home Decoration

During recent years Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui has got a great demand in the market. The people are in search of quality Vastu consultant for which you need to find very carefully. If your home is Vastu friendly then you are likely to develop a happy and peaceful life. The Vastu is dependent upon the direction. The proper direction can enhance the peace and happiness in the home. However, you need to consult the Vastu Shastri before buying the home. It is wise to consult Vastu shastri who is well versed in astrology as well as Feng Shui. Once your home is ready you can buy home decor accessories for making your home more beautiful.

The Vastu shastra will tell you about the direction of the room in the general. Today, there are many apps on play store and apps store that also tells you about Vastu shastra. As per the Vastu Rules the master bed room should be constructed in the southwest corner while kitchen should be erected in the southeast corner of the home. The prayer room should be in the northeast corner of the house. The middle of the home should be vacant. The heavy objects should be kept in the south or west part of the house, while the light object can be kept in the north or east part of the houses.

Apart from this, you can keep some indoor plants inside the home. The artificial plants for home decor is one of the best ideas to beautify your home. The natural indoor plants will need special care. You can also keep some Feng Shui items at home to enhance peace and happiness at home.


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  1. Sara April 26, 2018

    This article is like a miniguide in vastu . Thanks for sharing this it has provided great help for me to learn new thing.

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