Guide to Diwali – the Indian festival of lights!!

If you’re in India right now you sure are going to experience the best fireworks ever. From every single street to every house you’ll come across each of them being lit with all sorts of lights. Be it fairy lights, lamps, candle holders, lanterns or simply with diya’s. Diwali (also known as Deepavali) as it is known to the world is the Hindu festival of lights. It is a five – day festival but the most important is the day when fireworks are displayed. Generally, it falls between mid -October to early November every year. The 2018 diwali falls on the 7th November, Wednesday. The date is dictated by the lunar calendar.

Diwali is a time for cleaning, rearranging and ushering in the new into your home. It is also a festival when you decorate your home to add to the cheer. Diwali as said is full of lights. Here are a few innovative decoration ideas:

  • Lanterns are a perfect way of lighting to the extra Diwali charm. Luxe mesh is the answer to this. with its minimalistic net / checkered design this lantern is the best. This lantern consists of a 1cm circular base to keep your candle / t-lights covered with a removable cylindrical glass flask. The lantern is open from the top and is completed with a leather belt to hang from. The color being white can match any interior. You can add scented candles to the same.
  • Rangoli – no Diwali decoration is complete without having Rangoli either outside your house or just in front of your temple. To make the same you can use Rangoli colors or your left over gulal from Holi. The design can be as unique as you want as you are the sole creator of the same. You can add diyas, candle stands, flower petals, small lamps and even earthen pots to add life to your Rangoli. The flat golden-ish Black Lotus Candle Stand is a perfect way to amp your Rangoli. You can place the same in the centre and further decorate the sides with colors and petals. Let alone this masterpiece can also be left as a Rangoli design in its own.
  • A chain of lights – for this you can make use of the fairy lights in gold color. Not to be a big spender this Diwali these fairy lights will be the perfect choice. You can stick to basic ones or get different shapes of the same. (star, pineapple, leaves etc) you can also add t-lights in short distances to create a chain. Shot trail is a good example for the chain of lights. This candle stand contains 5 glass holders on a wooden stand to place your candles creating a chain like pattern.
  • Flower toran – flowers are a great way to instantly brighten your home. Adding fresh flower torans on this auspicious day can bring freshness and newness instantly. For those of you who want to do a little extra this Diwali can opt for set of 2 lotus trio candle holders. These holders have a string of lotus buds on it followed with 3 fully bloomed lotus’ for the t-lights to sit. These can be hanged from either sides outside your house to be counted as torans.
  • Decorate with colourful cushions. This is ideally the best and easiest way to add to your Diwali décor. Floral prints , Aztec and multicolour covers work well for the same. Sunny days, Rose Aztec, Pink Dhurrie, Rainbow, are a few of the covers that you can easily get home to add to the charm.
  • Decorative gift box- people usually tend to exchange gifts with their loved ones, friends, colleagues etc on this day. And believe me normal gift boxes are way too boring. Confused what to give your loved ones? We’ve recently seen many doing curated gift boxes. We have a few boxes for you to check out. Flower Gift Box, Blessings Gift Box, Nirvana Gift Box etc
  • Last but not the least make the home smell good. You can use scented candles in the flavours – lemon cinnamon, rose, orange for the same. Or use good powerful ittars dipped in cotton balls kept in small containers around lights to add your own small perfume gallery.

With Diwali having so much to do …. let’s get started!! You can thank us later 😛


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